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Conquerors Don't Need to Apologize

In contrast to my previous post with non-stop whining from Shashi Tharoor about the British Raj, here is a good contrast in someone acknowledging that life is simply survival of the fittest.  Here is Jared Taylor explaining why it is nonsensical to say that whites don’t have a claim to America because they “stole” it from the Native Americans. 

One early quote that stuck out:

“Does anyone think that Indians didn’t take land away from each other, or simply exterminate each other?  Archaeologists found the scalped, mutilated bodies of 486 men, women and children who were wiped out over a fight over arable land  Young women were taken as sex slaves.  This took place in 1300, long before the whites arrived.”

Then he gives a list of examples of other genocides and massacred between Indians.  One of the tribes was only able to survive extermination because they were allied with the U.S. cavalry.

Some other quotes:

“Yes, we took land from the Indians, and they fought like hell to keep it.  But no one said that they didn’t have the right to their land, just because they took it from others.  All around the world, people are living on land they took from other people.”

“Should Morocco not be allowed to have an immigration policy, because the people living there now took the land from others?”

“Here is the current Mexican cabinet…they don’t look like native Mexicans, do they?...could it possibly be that Mexico’s rulers took Mexico from the natives?”

“This idea that history disqualifies white Americans from deciding who lives here, is baloney.  It’s an argument people use only against whites.  It’s just one more double standard intended to browbeat whites into thinking that they have no right to survive as a people.  Don’t fall for it.”

As I said in a previous post, this is why Indians should not be afraid of the Aryan invasion hypothesis making Brahmins feel like they do not have a legitimate claim to be at the top of Indian society.

A similar argument can be made as to why Brahmins do not owe reparations to lower castes.  Luckily, the Aryan invaders didn’t exterminate the native Indians, but instead created an elaborate system to keep themselves at the top of society.  Should Brahmins forever have to accept reservation quotas as a penance and subsidy to the low IQ OBC’s, scheduled castes, and tribals?

When we talk about the British “exploiting” or “abusing” India, we forget a simple law of nature: might makes right, and survival of the fittest.  There is no right or wrong in terms of dominating and subduing your enemies.  If and when we come in contact with extraterrestrial species, be sure that (unless there is some interstellar or intergalactic law enforcement body) the weaker species is at the mercy of the stronger species. 

If the stronger species is benevolent and shares technology or practices non-interference, then great. 

If the stronger species lacks resources and needs an oxygen or water rich planet to house its expanding population and believes that Earth is a great candidate, then to them, humanity needs to be exterminated or subdued. 

Are we going to cry about it and lecture them about “alien privilege” or “morality of sentient species?”  No, we are going to fight to the death and the last man.  Survive or perish.  Dominate or be dominated.  That’s the law of the universe. 

Shashi Tharoor, and the millions of Indians enjoying his speech apparently don’t understand this and they keep whining and complaining.  It reeks of weakness and making excuses.  You don’t become strong by wallowing in the past and whining about past defeats.  You become strong by fixing your weaknesses.     

Does Britain Owe India Reparations?

Indians suffer from a victim mentality.  We have trouble taking ownership of difficult conditions we find ourselves in.  We blame racism and white supremacy in the West.  We blame the Muslims for many backwards practices and rape culture.  We blame the British Empire for India’s mediocre economic performance.  Many of us blame our Karma for problems encountered in our personal lives.  We never blame our own lack of capabilities. 

Cut this crap out.

As the latest version of victim mentality, here is Shashi Tharoor’s famous speech at the Oxford Union Debate from a couple of years ago.  I've been meaning to blog about this for awhile and finally got the time to view it again recently.

Some thoughts:

India’s GDP fell as a % of the world economy, Britain deliberately deindustrialized India through policies to discourage manufactured cloth.

China’s GDP also collapsed but once they liberalized they were able to regain their economic and manufacturing share.  Same with Japan and Korea – both left behind by the industrial revolution, but bounced back once they adopted a market friendly economy and opened to the West. 

Many people died of starvation, esp. Bengal famine, to maintain reserves in Europe.  Churchill didn’t care, instead asking “Why hasn’t Gandhi died yet?”

This is war.  People die and starve.  During war, food is a limited resource and you have to allocate it where it is most needed.

Churchill’s behavior gives lie to the myth that the British were in India as benevolent
“Violence and racism were the reality of colonialism.”

Duh, that’s what colonialism is based on – the idea that one people have the right to rule over and exploit others.

WW1: 1/6 soldiers of UK were Indian, 54,000 Indian soldiers died,

The population of the British Raj in WW1 was 315 million, compared to 45 million for the UK prior to WW1.  India’s deaths of 50-70,000 represented .02% of the population, compared with a million deaths for the UK, almost 2% of their population.  Exploitation?  Give me a break.

During the war, India had to produce 70 million rounds of ammunition, 600K rifles and guns, 42 million garments, 370 million tons of supplies

-Wait – didn’t Shashi Tharoor just say that Britain deliberately de-industrialized India?  Oh yeah, apparently if Indian factories are fueling the British war effort they don’t count as industry. 

Railways: built to serve British interests and not the locals.  Many places built them without being colonized to do so. 

But would India have done it?  Honestly, none of the projects in this article seem to be as challenging as building a national rail system with 1800’s technology.  If India is so capable of building infrastructure without the British, where is our high speed rail like China has?   

Racial, ethnic tensions are a result of colonialism.

So all the Muslim atrocities against Hindus are just an imagination and all anti-Islam sentiment is because of the British?  This reminds me of the lecture that Nehru was giving Mountbatten.  Nehru was appealing to Mountbatten to convince Jinnah to abandon his insistence on Pakistan. 

Other examples of reparations like Japan-SK, Italy-Libya, UK-NZ Maori. 

-Indians were never used as comfort women like South Korean women were, which is the main complaint of the South Koreans.  

-Libya is still a shithole after compensation – the best ruler they got was Gaddafi, and without a brutal dictator the country fell apart.  

-The Maori?  Despite hundreds of million dollars in reparations, Maori remain backwards socially, likely due to low IQ.   

 “It’s a bit rich to oppress, enslave, and kill, torture, and main people and then celebrate that they’re democratic at the end of it.”

Again, give me a break.  India emerged with an English speaking intelligentsia, a professional army and civil service, and a united country.  How you leave the country matters just as much as what you did to it when you were there.   

Reparations are a tool for you to atone for the wrongs that have been done. 

And this is where I have the biggest axe to grind.  Britain colonized, used, and abused India, fine.  However, Britain did not destroy India’s culture like the Spanish did in Latin America.  Nor did they genocide them and eliminate them via disease and land displacement.  Shouldn’t they get credit for that?  Seriously, it’s time to let bygones by bygones and focus on present threats.  The British left India over 70 years ago.  An ever-diminishing percentage of the population even has any memory of British colonialism.  Be careful, India.  This constant whining about British colonialism makes you sound awfully similar to African Americans that keep whining about how the legacy of slavery is keeping them down as well. 

Monday, April 16, 2018

Why is India full of Rapists?

The brutal rape and murder of an 8-year-old girl in northern India has shocked the country.

Asifa Bano belonged to the Bakkarwals, a nomadic Muslim tribe who make a living by grazing cattle across the Himalayan mountains, in the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir. She was reported missing in January, two days after she didn’t return from the forests looking for her horses. Five days later, her body was found.
"The eight-year-old was kidnapped, drugged and gang-raped before being strangled and murdered.," according to Indian news outlet Firstpost's report of charges filed by a special unit of the state police force.
Investigators allege that a retired government officer, Sanji Ram, planned the crime to terrorize the Muslim nomadic tribe and drive them away from the area. Also accused in the crime, which includes allegedly destroying evidence, are Ram’s son, his nephew (a juvenile), his friend and four policemen.

The eight suspects pleaded not guilty during their first court appearance on Monday, The Associated Press reported.

All of the accused are Hindus and, in February, a right-wing Hindu group marched in support of the suspects through the town of Kathua in Jammu alongside state ministers and senior officials of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), part of the ruling alliance in the state.
The protesters claimed state police in what is the country's only Muslim-majority state could not be trusted to be impartial and demanded the case be transferred to a federal investigative bureau.
When police earlier this month headed to the Kathua court to lodge the charges, they had to confront a group of Hindu lawyers who blocked their way, another sign of the split along religious lines in the reaction to the case.
As more details of the crime have emerged, opposition parties have put the spotlight on Prime Minister Narendra Modi for his BJP party's support of the accused.

Protests and candlelight vigils have been held around the nation as film stars and celebrities express disgust over the crime on social media, Indian broadcaster NDTV reported.

A protest in Delhi on Sunday in support of the victim drew crowds mobilized through social media to demand that the accused not be shielded by the state. It included speeches, poetry and songs.
Modi finally broke his silence on Friday, saying, "No criminal will be spared and our girls will get justice."
Two state BJP ministers who marched in support of the accused resigned following criticism.
The court in Kathua set April 28 for the next hearing. The state has appointed two public prosecutors who are neither Muslim nor Hindu to show its "neutrality."
Meanwhile, a group of prominent retired civil servants have written an open letter to Modi saying, "The bestiality and the barbarity involved in the rape and murder of an eight-year-old child shows the depths of depravity that we have sunk into. In post-independence India, this is our darkest hour and we find the response of our government, the leaders of our political parties inadequate and feeble. At this juncture, we see no light at the end of the tunnel and we hang our heads in shame."

Can this really be true?  If the BJP alleges that the men are innocent, and if there is a legitimate challenge to the case based on the evidence, then that’s fine.

But if not?  God help us.  If the BJP and right wing Hindu politicians are willing to let men get away with something like this in the name of fighting Muslims, then they will never win.

How can India ever hope to become a leading nation in the world and attain parity with China and respect with the type of bullshit like this going on?  Yes, I know Islam is evil and that Kashmir was always Hindu and that the rulers rightfully decided to join India due to attacks from Pakistanis preventing Kashmir from becoming independent.   

But seriously, raping little girls is never the solution.

Though this article feels like a reminder of #metoo over the top feminism, I think it makes some valid points.

Hundreds of thousands of people marched at midnight and will march all weekend in protest in India after forensic reports showed that an eight-year-old girl named Asifa Bano was drugged, raped for days, burned, bludgeoned with a rock, and strangled. I won’t post the picture of her pretty face that’s been circulated in mainstream and social media. This story is not about her, it’s about you. Insert picture here.

It took the death of a father in police custody before someone cared about the rape of his 16-year-old daughter by a member of the state legislature, Kuldeep Singh Sengar, in another case that’s brought people to the streets. Sengar has finally been arrested.

We saw the rapists. We fed them. We tied a raakhi on their wrists. We voted for them, we made them godmen, we made them policemen, we made them judges and journalists, we went to see the movies and art they made in which we were raped and burned alive for the visual splendor, we were angry as a nation when the occasional one was finally punished for a crime, we married them and protected them and stayed silent when they broke our bones. We loved them.

Dear India, when you go home a little after midnight, tired in your feet from marching and weary in your heart from grief, dust yourself off and clean up your home.

Each of us has enabled the men who raped Asifa. Each of us has enabled the men who raped Asifa. I am tired of the posts on social media about being “heart-broken.” I no longer even feel the space in my chest where my heart should be. I am angry, and my anger is aimed at you.

I will be 50 years old on Sunday. I lived 29 of those years in India. I was eight years old when I was first sexually assaulted. Unlike Asifa, I wasn’t kidnapped and murdered. I lived to be sexually abused and assaulted multiple times, by men I knew, by strangers, by doctors, by faith healers, by the editor-in-chief of a major newspaper. I was 45 when I was last physically (not sexually) assaulted, by my brother at his wedding, in full view of the wedding guests.

Nobody took a stand. None of these men was jailed. None was fired. None was shamed. None was named. Nobody walked out of the wedding in protest.

But there were consequences. India chose to turn its consequences on me. I was shamed, with love, for being an eight-year-old girl who was asking for it. I quickly internalized it. I believe even today that I should have been a different kind of child, hidden my legs as I played, been a little less proud of my pretty face, been a little more aware of my surroundings, a little less disabled so I could run. As an adult, in a high-ranking position in my journalism career, I was asked if the thing with the newspaper editor actually happened or if I’d imagined it (no matter that other women had charged him with similar abuse). I was locked up in a room at my brother’s wedding, “for my own safety.”

I was asked to apologize, to forgive, to forget, to draw upon my resources of compassion. I was asked, by all the family and friends I loved and still long for, to be a better Indian woman.

She is not alone.  Many of my female relatives tell me horror stories about being inappropriately touched on the public transportation in India.  With the bizarre exception of Japan, women-only carriages are generally only in backwards countries where women fear for their safety.   

But the point remains.  Why do Indian parents worry about their female relatives out at night?  Because of safety.  We may yell and scream about rape cases here and there, but the simple fact is that crime is rampant in India, and a large portion of India’s male population is criminally inclined.  We need to face this problem head on instead of focusing on prominent cases here and there.  There is something seriously wrong with Indian men, and we need tough law and order to get things under control.  What use is a democracy if it can’t protect our sisters, daughters, wives, and mothers?  Indians constantly express their surprise when I tell them that in China, women largely do not have to worry about their safety when out and about.  Why do Indians accept rape and harassment as a general fact of life?

The next paragraph really is a tough one for me.

But let’s not make this about me. Let’s make this about you. Do you call out the violent tempers of the men around you or do you just get out of their way until they “calm down?” Do you step up and stick your neck out when a man or woman is deriding another woman/girl for being too sexy, too fat, too old, too progressive, too wanton, too transsexual, out too late, or in too long? Do you write that comment to shut down a good but sexist joke your popular and powerful male friend just posted on social media? Do you tell your son there will be consequences if he raises his voice, leave alone his hand, on his sister? Or do you ask him to “protect” her, as if she were a victim and he her savior? Do you order him to get out of her way so she may grow so formidable that she will need no protecting? Do you pay your policemen and your lawmen to look the other way at your misdemeanors but punish the man who has no money for a bribe? Do you revere the “bad boy” movie star who was accused by multiple women of physical assault? Do you elect a prime minister who is charged with inciting a genocide against Muslims and then wonder why a little Muslim child was raped for days in a Hindu temple?

On the one hand, as red-pilled individuals, we know that there are differences between the sexes and that complete equality of economic and social rights between men and women erodes the social balance.  Allowing women to let their physical appearance deteriorate, embrace promiscuity, and act like men in all spheres of life hurts the ability of boring, stable, “beta” men to contribute to society and have a purpose.  We also know that the complaints of Hindu oppression against Muslims are completely rubbish when examined against how religious minorities do in Muslim countries.

On the other hand, there is absolutely no reason for women to be in fear of getting raped if they happen to have to go out at night or to a less safe area to run an errand. 

Our girls have been crying out for years, knocking to be let out from behind locked doors.   I am haunted by the cries I didn’t hear, of Asifa locked up in that Hindu temple. Our girls have been crying out for years, knocking to be let out from behind locked doors.

The parents of Jyoti Singh, the medical student who was brutally gang-raped by five men on a Delhi bus in 2012 and thrown from the bus to later die, say that five years later, things have become worse for girls and women in India. The Dalit women among us have been warning us for decades that the rape of one of them will soon be the rape of one of us. But perhaps their faces are not light-skinned enough, their caste not high enough, their innocence not innocent enough to find their way in our news and social media feeds.

This is one reason why I would caution a return to some type of hierarchical caste-based society.  I don’t think many of the upper caste males would be able to prevent themselves from raping defenseless lower caste women. 

Anyway, I’m not even sure what the point of this post is.  Rather it’s about how with a country so complicated as India, even with a “red pill” approach to the issues, things don’t always line up and clear solutions aren’t always obvious, outside the obvious (don’t rape little girls).  We can be politically incorrect but still acknowledge that perhaps the media and feminists do have a point on some issues. 

The whole point of this blog is to find a way for Indian men to retain pride in their heritage without resorting to delusion and cultural Marxist victim mentality.  But for now, I’m tired and not quite proud of calling myself Indian, and have no desire to view right wing Hindus as allies. 

India-China War Scenario

Fascinating video from Blinkov’s Battlegrounds:

The Good News: Because of the difficulty of crossing the Himalayas and huge distance to get the navy to India, a Chinese invasion and takeover is not really feasible.

The Bad News: In terms of assets, India is outnumbered and outclassed by what China can bring to the table.  Even if China can’t invade India, they can still project power into India’s backyard and India can’t do anything in China’s backyard.  Marginal Chinese victory.

Here are some interesting quotes:

“Numbers-wise, India is comparable to China in certain areas.”

“When it comes to technology and hardware, Chinese have the upper hand…twice as many tanks that are on average more capable.”

“China has an order of magnitude more self propelled guns…China is more mechanized.”

“Most of the tanks won’t come into play…because of topography…India will enjoy superiority in air support for the first week or two.”

“Satellites-wise, it’s not really a contest.”

“On the naval front, China is much more numerous, but the two navies meeting would not be an easy feat….India lacks strength to approach Chinese coast, and China lacks sustainment to keep the fleet close to India…however in a hypothetical sea battle, Indian navy wouldn’t stand a chance.”

My thoughts?  China continues to grow stronger and develop closer ties with nations in India’sbackyard, so at some point in the future they will be able to project naval power into the Indian ocean and sustain a sea-based assault on the Indian coasts.

Additionally, the video makes no mention of IQ.  However, as I have written earlier, with an average IQ of 83, how much of India’s population can really be utilized to effectively fight against China?  Additionally, with China’s IQ being more suited for quantitative analysis over the more verbal and philosophical Indians, that gives them an additional advantage.

Therefore, to the chest thumping Indians, we really need to get our shit together if we want to dominate the 21st century. 

Dravida Nadu?

As ethno-nationalism rises in the world and people increasingly seek identity in their religion, ethnicity, and language, what does this mean for India?

Appeals to diversity sound great but they ultimately fall flat. 

I came across this recent article from the Indian express on building a Dravidian identity.

The idea of a common Dravidian destiny has a long history. In his maiden speech at the Rajya Sabha in 1962, C N Annadurai, the founder-leader of the Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (DMK), had pleaded the case for “Dravida Nadu”. He said “it will become a small nation, compact, homogenous and united, wherein sections of people in the whole area can have a community of sentiment”. He also spoke about the possibility of making “economic regeneration more effective and social regeneration more fruitful” if such a separate nation was to be carved out of the Union of India.

The arguments of Anna were a culmination of a 25-year-long campaign. Nambi Arooran, in his study, Tamil Renaissance and Dravidian Nationalism, identifies the first anti-Hindi imposition struggle (1937-1940) as the event that aroused the separatist tendencies in Madras Presidency. The Justice Party’s 17-year-long reign in the Madras Presidency had ended in 1936 and the Congress government that followed made Hindi compulsory in schools.
Buoyed by the anti-Hindi imposition protests in 1965, the DMK swept to power in what was then known as Madras State. Denied Dravida Nadu, the DMK gained Tamil Nadu in the 1967 election.

While speaking about Dravida Nadu, Anna explained that though the demand for a separate nation was being conceded, the grounds for such a demand continued to exist. Even today, more than half century later, the central government is glaringly indifferent to legitimate regional concerns. Over the past year, a combination of the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET), the Goods and Services Tax and 15th Finance Commission have triggered a sense of unease in the five southern states.

The federal harmony has further dipped due to motivated restrictions on cattle sale, uncharitable remarks about Periyar and ill-advised advancement of Hindi over other languages. Today, we are staring at a real and deepening North-South divide.

I don’t advocate for Southern Secession.  A divided India is a weak India.  Instead, movements like these need to use the south’s relative economic and social success as a catalyst for gaining influence in the central government and preventing backwards states like UP and Bihar from gaining more influence as their population skyrockets. 

More Alt-Right Thoughts on Indians

Is there a sense in which South Asians, with their obsession with caste, value diversity for the sake of diversity more than do Europeans?

There’s a sense in which “Man is born free and everywhere he is in chains,” “All men are created equal” or “Workers of the world, unite!” are extremely European ideas.
Down through history, granted, most Europeans would have disagreed.

Still … the trajectory of European political thought would seem to be toward the abstract and away from the particular.

Europeans seem philosophically uncomfortable with the idea of human biodiversity, while Indians kind of like it the way most dog lovers like the existence of a vast diversity of dog breeds.

Which I’m not quite sure about, but there were some interesting comments that came out of the discussion:

I don’t think I have ever had a single ideologically anti-HBD Indian on my blog.
Most reliable way to trigger them is if someone suggests that India is doing poorly relative to China, or – God forbid – Pakistan, or that India is not becoming a superpower, etc.

No anti-HBD Indians?  Really?  Then why are there no major Indian writers in the red pill world, and why am I yet to meet a single Indian in the West that understands the IQ issue. 

Anonymous[408] • Disclaimer says:

Hinduism is built with an assumption of hbd. Different strokes for different folks.
Hinduism also assumes that there are multiple approaches and answers to the big questions, which may be suitable to different individuals based on their innate natures and their environmental conditioning.

Ramana Maharishi, a Hindu saint, for example said he encouraged both devotional and philosophical approaches to religion at the same time, since he considered them like water and ice- same essence in different form.

Greeks were responsible for the universalism and fetishizing of extroverted reasoning in Europe. Hindu philosophy has always had a stronger emphasis on the introspective, subjective and is thus more particular than general in outlook.

In the latter Hindu works, each deity is divided into sub deities who do smaller and smaller parts of the main deity’s tasks. Same thing with castes and subcastes.

This is what I was referring to in my previous post on how Christianity leads to this neocon foolery of invading the world and inviting the world. 

TelfoedJohn says: 

Jats recently marched to be allowed to be legally ‘backwards’:
With affirmative action, everyone wants to be a victim. Did the start of the whole victimhood industry start with affirmative action?

Affirmative action is such a joke in India.  I really need to write about this soon.  

Is there a sense in which South Asians, with their obsession with caste, value diversity for the sake of diversity more than do Europeans?
That’s an interesting question. 

An even more interesting question is just how quickly White Core Americans can deport anti-White South Asians such as Nikki Haley, Raj Chetty, Bobby Jindal, Dinesh D’Souza and all the rest of them.

White Core Americans have had it with the Hindus and the other South Asians. I’ll say all Asians. Some states are being infiltrated and inundated with South Asians and Asians in general. That will stop when the next phase of the global financial implosion hits. It could hit at any time. Some of the Asians will self-deport and some of the Asians will be encouraged to leave, but when the central bank shysterism currently holding things together breaks down, they will all go by hook or crook.
Nikki Haley is an anti-White South Asian of the worst sort. Nikki Haley wants to flood the United States with more South Asians to increase the political power of South Asians, Sikhs in particular.

Nikki Haley did everything in her power to attack the memory of Confederate veterans by attacking all statues and flags connected to Confederate veterans. Nikki Haley is doing everything in her power to desecrate and destroy the monuments and memories of the European Christian ancestral core of the United States. President Trump made a bad choice when he brought Nikki Haley into his administration.
Nikki Haley pushes open borders mass immigration and amnesty for illegal alien invaders. Nikki Haley wants to pour more South Asian Sikh invaders and other non-Whites into European Christian nations. Nikki Haley wants to mass immigration as a demographic weapon to destroy European Christian nations. Nikki Haley’s family should never have been allowed to infiltrate Canada and then infiltrate the United States.

When the asset bubbles in stocks, bonds and real estate pop, and the next round of the global financial implosion hits, then will be the time when the mass deportations of South Asians and Asians begins.

This might sound severe, but it won’t when the financial system begins its next meltdown.

As I wrote about recently, there is no love for Nikki Haley among the alt-right.  

Ian M. says:
I’ve asked Indians what caste they are from. In my circles (educated class), they almost all hail from the Brahmin caste (I’ve met maybe a handful from the warrior caste).
Not sure from which caste the Patels who own the local motel would be though.


I think as more and more genetic information comes out, Hinduism really has an opening to gain prominence in the world.  It is hilariously clear from the historical evidence that creationism is a load of crap.  It will also soon become clear that all people are NOT equal in terms of their spiritual capability and ability to understand religious tenets.  If some missionary succeeds in getting some illiterate to proclaim his love for Jesus Christ, but that same illiterate has no problem chopping up someone of a different ethnic group, then Christianity will have a problem.  When Africa’s population continues to explode as Christian anti birth control propaganda spreads (despite lower infant mortality levels) and Europe closes their doors to the refugee masses, people will stop believing in Christianity.

There is nothing in Hinduism that prevents a belief in HBD.  Stop cucking Hindus!!!!

Why the Red Pill Indian?

We are in an era of change.  The liberal order is dying under assault from disruptive technological change, demographic shifts, and cultural...