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Recent Hit Pieces on Hindutva

Over the last few months, there have been a string of news media articles criticizing Hindutva and the rise of “Hindu Fascism.”  As of what we can expect from the Western Media, it will be filled with bias and distortions.  Let’s take a look at what’s being reported. 

In August this year, the Diplomat ran a piece on Hindutva and what the US response should be.

At the beginning of the month in the northeastern state of Assam, the Indian government effectively stripped 4 million people, mostly Muslims, of their citizenship, branding them as illegal immigrants from neighboring Bangladesh.

These people are not Indian citizens – they entered India well after partition.  Overpopulated India has a right to decide who is a citizen and who is not.  That’s one of the fundamental tenets of nationalism.

Since Modi’s election in 2014, there has been a significant increase in anti-minority rhetoric and mob violence committed by Hindu nationalist groups against Muslims and other minorities.

No matter what, this pales in comparison with what Muslims are doing to each other.  People of most religions still remain widely tolerated in India. 

In some ways, Hindu nationalism, the political ideology that guides Modi’s BJP party, resembles right-wing nationalist movements around the world, advocating for economic protectionism and increased border security. Its distinguishing factor, though, is its core belief that India’s national identity should be synonymous with a Hindu identity.

The core of the nationalism of the post-liberal world order is that diversity and multiculturalism are a farce, and nations need a common identity in order to have political coherence.  This is simply the natural outgrowth of that realization. 

In a country where a fifth of the population is not Hindu, Hindu nationalism’s hardliners argue that India should become a Hindu state, and have openly incited violence against minorities, particularly Muslims and Christians. For decades, liberal voices in India have spoken out against the values espoused by Hindu nationalists. Now, Hindu nationalism is threatening South Asia’s security and stability.

Bullshit – show me the violence being advocated against peace-loving, non converting, tolerant members of other faiths.  Sikhs, Jains, Buddhists have lived with zero problems with Hindutva.  Funny how it’s the aggressive intolerant monotheistic religions that always come into conflict with local religions. 

In addition to its actions in Assam, the BJP government has introduced an amendment to its citizenship laws that would make it easier for non-Muslim refugees to receive Indian citizenship. This is taking place under the rhetoric of defending a “homeland” against unwanted immigrants that can be seen with right-wing political movements worldwide.

Is this not the rationale choice?  You do remember that Donald Trump’s poll numbers went up when he called for the Muslim ban. 

Finally, Hindu nationalist-inspired violence against minorities could incite new cycles of retaliatory violence in the region, as it has in the past. India’s Muslim population is currently the second-largest in the world — on track to become the world’s largest by 2050. Although a minuscule number of Indian Muslims have joined terrorist organizations, some argue that increasing marginalization could increase the appeal of violent extremism. 

Lol this is the same arguments that everyone is using in the West – be nice to them or they’ll attack us!  Give me a break. 

Moving on, we have an article yesterday from the South China Morning Post attacking the World Hindu Congress and their quasi-alliance with Trumpism. 

Inspired by European ethno-nationalism and fascism, and by figures such as Giuseppe Mazzini and Hitler, Hindutva rejects the constitutional secularism of the Indian state; proposes that India is fundamentally a Hindu nation; and insists that minorities, especially Muslim and Christian Indians, are aliens in a Hindu country.

I would love for the author to comment on the amazing tolerance shown in Muslim countries, as well as the amazing success that mass immigration has been for Christian countries.

For one, the World Hindu Congress is part of a Hindu supremacist movement, remarkably similar in its characteristics to the White supremacist resurgence in the US since the announcement of Trump’s candidacy and his subsequent election victory in 2016.

I’d say this is merely on the same trend as the growing worldwide nationalist movement.  China has been allowed to be Han supremacist without criticism, Muslim countries have not been open or tolerant.  It’s only when Hindu or Western countries want to preserve their culture and heritage that it comes under attack. 

Also on display were the curious contradictions and deep hypocrisy of the project of the Hindu Right. For one, the Hindu Right constantly rants about what it terms “Abrahamic religions”, by which it refers primarily to Islam and Christianity, both of which it sees as out to steal Hindu souls by nefarious means. Judaism is exempt, since Israel is seen by the Hindu Right as a natural ally against the common Muslim enemy, never mind that Judaism, too, is an Abrahamic faith. The folks at the World Hindu Congress were also strategically quiet about American Christianity, though in India, they have made a career of seeking attention by ranting about Christian misdeeds in India.
Some Hindus, in India and the US, have eagerly endorsed Trump for his anti-Muslim stance, even though Trump has also singled out Indians (including Hindus) in Silicon Valley as a group whose immigration to the US needs to be curtailed. Other NRI Hindus are critical of Trump in the American context but do not see the contradiction in supporting Modi in the Indian setting for the very same policies.

This, I would say, is the one criticism that requires some thought to refute.  How could it be that Hindu nationalists are anti-Christian in India, but yet get all buddy-buddy with Trumpism and right wing Christians in America?  It’s actually not a contradiction.  Here is why:

1)   Both movements recognize Islam as the primary enemy

2)   Both are generally anti-socialist and pro-business

3)   The original alt-right supporters of Trump were drawn to him for his nationalistic stances – on immigration, trade, and rule of law.  They were AGAINST the Bush/Neocon project of trying to spread Christian values throughout the Middle East. 

The original alt-right Trump supporters just wanted Americans to be pickier with immigrants and not get involved in other countries.  I would wager that, given what I have seen on (put link here) alt-right criticisms of Indians, the original Trumpists would be more than happy to stop converting Indians to Christianity if it meant that no more Indians would immigrate to the US

4)   Both are skeptical of China’s ascendancy as a future superpower and the free-trade above all ideology that allowed it to happen

Of course, as I’ve written about before, there will be conflicts of interest.  Hindutva supporters (link here) are in denial on the legitimate interests of white Americans who are skeptical of mass Indian immigration.  They are also not ready to discuss the IQ question.  In addition, many of the Modi supporters are still caught up in blaming the British for India’s problems.  However, there are enough common interests that there are a non-insignificant number of non-SJW Indian Americans that have joined the Trump train. 

The American Hindu Right’s relationship to Trump reeks of the worst hypocrisy even as it is fundamentally incoherent. As minorities, long-distance non-resident Indian (NRI) Hindu nationalists readily accept and enjoy the benefits of secularism, freedom of religious expression, evangelising (think ISKCON, or the Hare Krishna movement), and affirmative action in the US, while going ballistic about the same or similar rights for minorities in India.

Is the author seriously comparing ISKON and Hare Krishna to the aggressive conversion tactics of Muslims and Christians in India? 

On another note, Indians in America DO NOT benefit from affirmative action. 

Our third hit piece on Hindutva comes from the lovely Washington Post. 

It’s been a summer of rage in India. Dozens have been killed by lynch mobs, and extremist Hindus continue to assault and kill others, many of them Muslims. In the latest viral video, religious pilgrims angered over a minor traffic incident used sticks to demolish a car as police looked on.

But India’s problem of male rage has roots beyond the strident Hindu nationalism embraced by the current government.

India has more than 600 million people under 25, and they have greater access to technology and education than ever before. Yet millions have little hope of finding decent jobs, and a “bachelor bomb” of more than 37 million surplus men — a legacy of generations of a preference for sons and aborting female fetuses — threatens social stability for decades.

This is actually valid.  I’ve written before about India’s IRT problem and how automation is going to be catastrophic for India’s economy. 

Without solid prospects, many young men are gravitating to India’s growing right-wing nationalist organizations, where they find a sense of purpose.
Over time, a stereotype of a right-wing troll has emerged — keyboard jockeys with too much time on their hands, sitting in their childhood bedrooms furiously tweeting about every perceived slight to Hinduism and Modi.

Haha, I guess India has it’s own 4chan meme shitposters!

This summer, Kumar attended a leadership camp sponsored by the Hindu nationalist World Hindu Council, where he learned to protect cows, which Hindus regard as sacred, protect women’s modesty and prevent outsiders from converting Hindus to other faiths. The youths did military drills in the baking heat, slept in spartan concrete dorm rooms and ate lentils and rice.

Seems like a good program to build pride and masculinity, though I hope they are getting enough protein. 

Kumar said that as a boy, he was shy. But after joining the Hindu nationalist movement, he said, “I have a strange sense of confidence now. The group has taught us what is right, what we need to do for society.”
Before long, he said, he was out on the streets chasing down and threatening interfaith couples, conducting the moral policing he feels is necessary because Muslim men allegedly seduce girls “as young as 14.” The Hindu activists call it “love jihad.”
Seems fair, though I think game should be part of the training.  I’ve also heard that the RSS folks go after any couples that are showing affection in public, which is a bit excessive.    

He continued, “All these BJP leaders, they’ve said: ‘Do what you want to do about cow protection. Don’t worry. If there is any problem, we are there for you.’ ”
Modi has said that state governments should deal sternly with these “cow vigilantes” and that the government is committed to upholding the law, but other BJP politicians have sent a different message, meeting with or congratulating the alleged killers.

I am ambivalent on the cow issue.  I don’t eat beef, and it’s a bit ridiculous that the West gets to impose its vision on India of which animals should be allowed to be killed and which should be protected.  OTOH, there are other issues which we should spend out political capital on. 

The young men harbor a deep sense of victimization and spend a lot of time on Hindu-pride-focused WhatsApp groups and alternate-history websites that recount the glories of India’s ancient civilization before the Mughal and British invaders imposed, as Modi puts it, 1,200 years of servitude. Critics say social media is deepening the division between Hindus and Muslims in India that existed before the bloody partition of India in 1947 that created a separate country for Muslims, and ultimately an Islamic republic in Pakistan.

This is the same bullshit victim mentality that I’ve been railing against and causes Indians to blame all their problems on Muslims and the British. 

Kumar plans on having a traditional family, if only to have babies and “contribute to the population.”
“The Hindu population,” Sharma clarified.
Others in their generation may not get the chance. Demographer Christophe Guilmoto estimates that, because of the gender imbalance, 40 million surplus men in India will remain single between 2020 and 2080.
What about the high IQ population?  Unfortunately, the Hindutva crowd sees everything in Hindu-Muslim terms. 

“There is a saying, ‘Behind every successful man is a woman’? But you don’t need women. You can leave them behind and achieve success in life,” Sharma said. For Sharma, the love of his life married someone else. He said he still regrets that he did not ask his parents for permission to marry her. But nobody in his family had ever had a “love marriage” — always arranged unions.
Now he has made a “final decision,” to the dismay of his parents, to remain single and devote himself to the Hindu nationalist cause — just like his idol, Modi, who, after an early marriage, has long embraced the bachelor lifestyle as a campaigner for Mother India.
Eh, I’m skeptical.  There are plenty of men who have changed history while married.  The right woman can be of great assistance.  This guy is just sacrificing his family happiness for no reason.  Donald Trump managed three marriages and five children and he is a political BEAST!

After reading all these pieces, any typical reader would look at a Hindutva adherent and label them either misguided, resentful, bigoted, chauvinistic, etc.  Nowhere does articulate and intelligent come to mind.  That needs to change.

What really pisses me off is that we don’t have articulate Hindutva voices in the media.  Why are there no voices out there pushing back against Indian SJWs?  Why am I the sole person on the internet doing this?  This is absurd.  Why are journalists able to interview these kids without an intellectual to put truth to power?  Where is our Jordan Peterson?  Where is our Steve Bannon?  Where is our Steve Miller?  Where is our Pat Buchanan? 

I remain skeptical that Hindutva can really be an ally to red-pill Indians.  It’s a good start, though since it instills pride in one’s own culture and hostility towards the SJWs. 

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Pollution Threat to India's IQ

I’ve written about concerns regarding India’s IQ before, but I just wanted to highlight an article I read recently on the impact of pollution on IQ.  Here are some interesting quotes:

It found that high pollution levels led to significant drops in test scores in language and arithmetic, with the average impact equivalent to having lost a year of the person’s education.

“Polluted air can cause everyone to reduce their level of education by one year, which is huge,” said Xi Chen at Yale School of Public Health in the US, a member of the research team. “But we know the effect is worse for the elderly, especially those over 64, and for men, and for those with low education. If we calculate [the loss] for those, it may be a few years of education.”

But perhaps it’s not so dire?

The damage in intelligence was worst for those over 64 years old, with serious consequences, said Chen: “We usually make the most critical financial decisions in old age.”

They found the longer people were exposed to dirty air, the bigger the damage to intelligence, with language ability more harmed than mathematical ability and men more harmed than women.

The study followed the same individuals as air pollution varied from one year to the next, meaning that many other possible causal factors such as genetic differences are automatically accounted for.

I’ve written before about how India has a disproportionate amount of the world’s most polluted cities.  If this even has a couple of points impact on IQ, that still could be quite devastating, especially since the pollution is concentrated in the areas with higher population growth.

Sounds like a catastrophe in the making.  India should really make an effort to mass produce an electric car before China corners the market.    

Sunday, September 9, 2018

Anti Indian Racism in Crazy Rich Asians

I have countless post upon post on this blog detailing the mind boggling absurd SJW antics that many Indians engage in, creating more antipathy between Indians and the alt right despite some shared interests.  One thing I have always found fascinating is the way that Indian SJWs completely ignore the racism that East Asians have towards Indians and those of darker skin tone. 

That brings me to the topic of today.  I’m usually not a fan of rom-coms, but I will watch them to see what type of propaganda Hollywood/Bollywood is trying to program people with.  So, I decided to see Crazy Rich Asians to see what the fuss is all about.  Spoiler alert.  

There is no denying that it is a good movie with quality acting and a compelling storyline.  Middle class girl discovers that her boyfriend is super rich, but she is able to hold her own and he eventually proposes to her, overcoming his family’s objections.  Typical feel good Hollywood story.

Many Asian Americans I know were going gaga over this movie because it featured an all-Asian cast, who were acting charismatic and in leadership positions in society.  As one Asian American wrote:

Crazy Rich Asians may not be for everybody, but for me, it’s my Wakanda moment. Much like with Marvel’s Black Panther and the black community around the world, Asians finally have a film with a strong ensemble cast that we can be proud of. I hope, going forward, this means I see better representation in Hollywood.

In one scene Rachel’s mother tells her: “Your face is Chinese, you speak Chinese but you’re different”. At heart, she’s still an American. When I visit China and Hong Kong (the birthplaces of my parents), I too sense that people perceive me as different, even though I have the same dark eyes and jet-black hair.

This is an internal conflict many ABCs (American-Born Chinese) deal with. I sometimes feel like I’m not Asian enough. Even when I speak Cantonese, I speak in an American accent; and when I go out for Chinese meals with friends, and they ask me how to cook a certain dish, I’m genuinely at a loss. 

I was five when the Joy Luck Club hit cinemas. The fact that it took until I was 30 for me to see an Asian woman in the classic Hollywood scene that sees the leading lady “transformed” and in a beautiful dress, says a lot about what the industry needs to catch up on. 

I see myself in Rachel: her struggle is my struggle and my heart felt her every disappointment and triumph in the film. I loved seeing her in a blue Marchesa dress – a contrast from the usual appearance of the Asian woman in the “lucky colour” of red. And for the first time, I knew I had finally found a leading lady I could relate to, someone I really wanted to root for.

Indians certainly have to deal with similar identity issues, but that’s a topic for another day.

Asians are certainly enjoying their moment in the spotlight with the release of this movie.  But guess what?  Asians just doesn’t mean oriental.  There’s an entire subcontinent of people that is also part of Asia.  So not only did the movie's misleading title leave out brown folks.

What people should be outraged about is that the movie completely shits over Indians and brown people.

EVERY SINGLE SCENE with an Indian person portrays them as low class. 

Literally.  Whether it’s a guard, driver, or street sweeper, in the whole movie I didn’t see a single Indian portrayed as wealthy or even white collar.    

Most Indians that I spoke to just enjoyed the movie and weren’t paying attention.  Luckily there were others that noticed this.  One article in the guardian notes:

Sangeetha Thanapal, an activist and writer of Singapore-Indian origin whose work explores Chinese privilege, said the film “simply is not the ‘Great Asian Hope’ that it is being portrayed as”.

“While it is being billed as an Asian movie, it is made up almost entirely of east Asians,” said Thanapal. “The few brown people featured in it are seen in service positions to the glamorous and wealthy Chinese characters. The dominance of east Asia in the worldwide imagination of who constitutes the idea of Asia is troubling, especially since brown Asians make up a sizable portion of the continent.”

But the film’s director, John M Chu, said the film would never be able to live up to all the expectations placed on it. “We decided very early on that this is not the movie to solve all representation issues,” he said in a press conference. “This is a very specific movie, we have a very specific world, very specific characters. This is not going to solve everything.”

Essentially – “Yeah, our movie shits on Indians, but whatever, not our problem.”

It’s not just the movie, though.  In Singapore, Indians are at risk of becoming more and more marginalized in society as China rises.  On Quora, we have tons of examples of anti-Indian racism in Singapore:

·       I was asked by my Chinese Primary 1 teacher to give up the role of Red Riding Hood that I had practised months for (for the National Day Fancy Dress Pageant) because she told me that Red Riding Hood did not have brown skin
·       I was beaten up on my schoolbus at the age of 10 because the other children who were all Chinese thought I was brown because I didn't shower (I went to Raffles Girls' Primary School, one of the allegedly elite primary schools in Singapore and therefore presumably reflecting kids from a higher socioeconomic status)
·       all through my primary school years, I was taunted (mainly) by the Chinese children around me with racial jeers like "Ah-poo-neh-neh!" or "Your hair is so smelly because you use coconut oil!"
·       often times, I saw signs posted in English and Mandarin only (a form of indirect racism indicating no necessity to cater to the linguistic needs of the Indians and Malays despite the Government marketing FOUR main races that comprise Singaporean society)

We were queuing in front of Club Attica, which is apparently one of the *best* clubs in Singapore. The bouncer at the club forced us to get out of the queue and openly denied entry to us by giving stupid reasons such as our clothes were improper, while we saw many Europeans and Chinese locals with similar dressing styles easily getting entry to the club.

It became clear that the reason for denial of entry was purely our Indian ethnicity. If the government even remotely cares about racism, it should do something about the blatant misuse of the 'Denial of Entry' right by the clubs in Singapore. 
Anyway, the list goes on.  Despite hardcore propaganda from the government about Singapore being a “multicultural” society, deep down, it still internalizes the racism that is prevalent throughout Asia.

Not to say that I don’t have respect for Singapore.  Lee Kuan Yew, the founder of Singapore, is arguably one of the most red-pilled of all the late 20th century statesmen, but he is quite pessimistic on India. 

It’s not just Singapore.  Indians in Hong Kong also face issues with discrimination.

Non-white ethnic minorities face the most discrimination in relation to financial and housing services, according to a study by the equality watchdog the Equal Opportunities Commission (EOC) published in September this year.
Balkrishna Pun, 42, a second-generation Gurkha living in Jordan, said he sent his three children back to Nepal as he did not see any future for them in the city.
“No matter how smart they are, they will always be in the second class here,” he said. “The future in Hong Kong is not designed for them. So why not go back and get some luck?”

Contrary to popular belief, Hong Kong ranks poorly for cultural diversity and has seen rising levels of cultural intolerance, according to PwC’s 2015 “Building Better Cities” study. It also ranks as the most unequal in a comparison of 28 cities, with an estimated 1.3 million people living in poverty, a disproportionate number of which are from ethnic minorities.

And it’s not just HK.  Just a few days ago American Renaissance reprinted a story on the prevalence of skin whiteners in Asia. 

Globally, the demand for whiteners is climbing, projected to reach $31.2 billion by 2024, up from $17.9 billion in 2017, especially in Asia, the Middle East and Africa, according to market intelligence firm Global Industry Analysts. Routine skin whitener use ranges from 25% in Mali to 77% in Nigeria, and it’s 40% in China, Malaysia, the Philippines and South Korea, according to the World Health Organization.

But when it comes to these products, the Asia-Pacific market is the most lucrative region, making up more than half of the global market — an estimated $7.5 billion out of $13.3 billion — in 2017, according to Future Market Insights, which studies markets in over 150 countries. China accounts for about 40% of sales in Asia, Japan 21% and Korea approximately 18%.

“In East Asian culture, women prefer lighter skin tone because they believe ‘yī bái zhē bǎi chǒu,’ which means ‘a white complexion is powerful enough to hide seven faults,'” said Shuting Hu, who researches new ingredients for whiteners, looking at the mechanism in skin cells at the molecular level. She is executive director and co-founder of SkinData Limited Hong Kong, a technology startup based on her research at the University of Hong Kong.

What is the moral of the story?  Indians should shut up and stop whining about racism in the West.  Racism exists everywhere, people.  Indians are also racist against those with dark skin. 

It’s simple human nature.  Groups whine about oppression and equality, but in reality they are merely agitating for their own ethnic interests.  When a group takes power they will end up oppressing those that were their former allies in fighting against oppression.  Asians are complaining about poor Asian representation in Hollywood, and in their time to shine they end up shitting on Indians.  Great.      

As China becomes more and more powerful do you think that they are going to adopt the kumbaya cultural Marxist racial equality rhetoric of the West and the US?  Highly doubtful.  Instead, we may be looking at Indians in a permanent state as second class citizens on planet Earth.  Wake up Indians.  Racism is NOT unique to the West.  It is an ingrained part of human nature.  Stop complaining and start self improving.  The only way to prove racists wrong is to beat them at life.    

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